Congresos y Workshops

  • World Finance Banking Symposium (2021), Budapest, Hungría. (Presenter, discussant and chair).

  • I Congreso de Turismo Ibérico (2021), Badajoz, España.

  • XIV Labour Economics Meeting (2021), Online (UNIR), España. (Member of the Organizing Committee).

  • The 25th APDR Workshop - Social Innovation Towards Sustainability: Embracing Contemporary Challenges for Regional Development is approaching. (2020), Faro, Portugal.

  • II, III y IV Doctoral Workshop (DECOFIN - UHU), Huelva, España.

  • XIII Labour Economics Meeting (2019), Huelva, España. (Member of the Organizing Committee).

  • 79th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (2019), Boston, USA.


  • Spatial analysis.

  • Machine Learning business and economic research.

  • Economics of tobacco control.

  • Vertical Spillovers in Spatial Econometrics.